The History Of Mt. Washington, Kentucky

The city of Mount Washington is situated in Bullitt County, in the Louisville metro area. It is located in the Bluegrass Region, at what was once previously known as “The Cross Roads.” In the late 1780s, a few small farms and cabins started being built in the area of an establishment which was operated by an Indian Trader. The trading post had a bad reputation for being rough and noisy along with iron smelter’s led and burning furnace. The location was soon dubbed “Hells Kitchen”. In 1818, a woman by the name of Catherine Drake was given permission by the County Court for her to sell off half 100 acres of land at “The Crossroads”- which was owned by Joseph Hough- her late husband. She was meaning to settle his estate to care for her son. 50 acres were sold as plots.Nearly all 80 plots had been sold by late 1819.

By 1882 Mount Washington was officially established. It was initially first named “Mount Vernon” with respect to the home of George Washington in VA (Virginia). However, due to another town’s post office having priority ( having the same name), it was then later changed to “Mount Washington”, again in honor of the first presidents of the United State – President George Washington. This took place in 1833, at the time of the town’s first formal incorporation as a city. When first established the settlement of Mt. Washington housed 700 people. They have six stores, 3 churches, two schools, five doctors, twelves mechanical trades and two taverns. By the 1850’s Mount Washington has successfully become to economic centre of Bullitt Country. During the Civil War in 1862, the town was held by John Wharton’s Confederate cavalry. The Confederate retreated from the area the following due to a defeat. During the nineteenth century a school building and was built consisting of only two rooms. However, later in 1916, a four classroom school was built.

Today Mount Washington Middle School can be found standing, where the four-roomed building previously used as a school, once stood. It was initially constructed as a high school in the 1940s. In 1995, Mount Washington Middle School had to be expanded and remodelled due to the influx and growth of the population. It now boasts over 200 offices and classrooms. With the continual growth of the population, another middle school needed to be built. The additional school was constructed on the opposite side of the city in 2006. As the industries of Mount Washington aged, by the 1930s it had lost the status of the country’s most prominent town. After a fire erupted and burnt Maccabee Hall, engulphing it in flames, as well as most of Mount Washington’s business district during November 18th, 1940 caused a further decline in status. Lacking a fire department, local citizens and added help from Louisville and Jeffersontown put an end to the entire town being burnt to the ground. Mount Washington had its first fire department shortly after that incident. During the late 1960s, Mount Washington received a substantial influx of new residents when the opening of General Electic’s Appliance Park took place – nearby Louisville. Mount Washington’s population grew from only 2,020 residents in 1970 to over 9,000 people by the year 2010.